46 acres of captivating scenery

This new high-end residential development offers a variety of lots that meet the lifestyle you want: panoramic views of the mountains or lake view, whatever your choice, you will enjoy the beauty of the Laurentians. Five price ranges are proposed based on the topography and location of the property. Each lot has approximately 22,000 square feet of land. (The following list is subject to change without notice)

Lot numberSize (square feet)AvailableServices
121,495YesMunicipal water
224,347YesMunicipal water
319,504YesMunicipal water
420,106YesMunicipal water
513,476YesMunicipal water
619,288YesMunicipal water
716,242YesMunicipal water & sewer
818,836YesMunicipal water & sewer
918,922YesMunicipal water & sewer
1013,497ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
1122,238YesMunicipal water & sewer
1224,939YesMunicipal water & sewer
1319,719YesMunicipal water & sewer
1424,251ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
1524,358YesMunicipal water & sewer
1617,642ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
1728,761ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
1823,239YesMunicipal water & sewer
1921,344ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
2026,425YesMunicipal water & sewer
2117,459YesMunicipal water & sewer
2219,181YesMunicipal water & sewer
2320,612YesMunicipal water & sewer
2424,391YesMunicipal water & sewer
2518,449YesMunicipal water & sewer
2617,545YesMunicipal water & sewer
2723,559YesMunicipal water & sewer
2814,595YesMunicipal water
2929,127YesMunicipal water
3022,033YesMunicipal water
3124,886YesMunicipal water
3224,154YesMunicipal water & sewer
3324,487YesMunicipal water & sewer
3423,755YesMunicipal water & sewer
3524,800YesMunicipal water & sewer
3621,312ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
3726,651YesMunicipal water
3821,893Yes Municipal water
3921,226YesMunicipal water
4023,303YesMunicipal water
4129,988YesMunicipal water
4226,716YesMunicipal water & sewer
4321,861YesMunicipal water & sewer
4421,721YesMunicipal water & sewer
4522,894YesMunicipal water & sewer
4624,918YesMunicipal water & sewer
4727,447YesMunicipal water & sewer
4824,466ReservedMunicipal water & sewer
4923,723YesMunicipal water & sewer
5017,502YesMunicipal water & sewer
5123,303YesMunicipal water